Autumn's Current Projects

The Cultural Agility Collaboration: A Minnesota Campus Compact Initiative

Supported by the Bush Foundation


How can higher education’s community engagement efforts prepare students and others for inclusive, collaborative leadership in our increasingly diverse state? How can campuses and communities cultivate both courage and humility, build mutual understanding and trust, develop shared goals and share power? Such questions are critical to Minnesota Campus Compact’s work to advance civic engagement that contributes to students thriving, racial disparities diminishing, higher education institutions fully realizing the civic missions they proclaim, and all residents building their capacity to lead in their communities. Recognizing that the people most affected by racism and cultural misunderstandings must shape solutions, Minnesota Campus Compact is excited to launch the Cultural Agility Collaboration.


Over the next two years, we will support diverse cross-racial groups of college/university students, community members, and campus staff and faculty, who will come together as a learning and leadership cohort. By talking, listening, and collaborating across generational, positional, and racial lines, participants will gain new connections, insights, and skills, clarify their analysis of related issues, and then (with support from the project leadership team and Compact staff) define and implement strategies for influencing change in higher education’s civic engagement efforts—which could mean developing innovative curriculum, trainings, or other educational resources; organizing local, regional, or statewide events; or other projects that will strengthen local change efforts.

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